Friday, February 10, 2017

KFC dispatches the 'Chizza': Pizza on a singed chicken base

We've all been there - perhaps it's late and you've had a couple drinks, possibly it's Saturday evening, perhaps you simply have a craving for reveling, yet you're confronted with a quandary: pizza or browned chicken?

All things considered, KFC may have quite recently tackled one of your most serious issues in life by no longer making you pick between the two - they have made a cross breed of two of the best quick nourishments ever. Enter, the 'Chizza'.

Comprising of pizza garnishes on a fricasseed chicken base, the Chizza is ostensibly a low-carb, high-protein pizza elective. Sort of.

Touted as "all chicken, no outside," the base is made of 100% chicken filet and after that finished with "100% mozzarella cheddar" and "sauce produced using California tomatoes."

Advance garnishes on offer incorporate ham, pineapple and KFC sauce.

The declaration of the Chizza's dispatch sent individuals into a free for all over the world, however reactions were blended.

A few fans were excited by the idea:

Shockingly (or luckily, contingent upon your position), the Chizza is starting at yet inaccessible in the UK, however could that change after its fruitful dispatch in Singapore?

"We're continually hoping to acquaint tasty new items with our menu, and are truly amped up for the unbelievable reaction Chizza has gotten the world over," KFC disclosed to The Express. "Keep your eyes peeled!"